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The List

So here is the 30 things list. I will give myself until July 1st 2012 to finish everything even though I turn 31 in March 2012. That gives me a full year to finish it everything. See The Reasons page for my explanation on how things made the list.

The 30 Things List:

  1. Read all of John Steinbeck’s fictional works from this list
  2. Watch the documentaries found on this list
  3. Read Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
  4. Get one written piece published this year
  5. finish my verse novel
  6. Sell something I have handmade
  7. Host a Halloween themed event
  8. Give family and close friends handmade gifts this year
  9. Lose enough weight so I can wear my wedding and engagement rings again (approx. 20 kgs)
  10. Read my poetry at an open mic event
  11. Learn to play one song fluently on piano or organ
  12. Learn how to make pasta
  13. Attend a protest rally
  14. Write a song
  15. Learn how to dance the tango
  16. Try indoor climbing and get to the top
  17. Sponsor an animal welfare league cage
  18. Buy a piece of art
  19. Learn origami and make 30 different origami pieces
  20. Learn how to apply makeup properly and to suit me
  21. Create  coat of arms for our family
  22. Make loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries through
  23. Try fried green tomatoes
  24. Buy a bottle of champagne or alcohol for over $200
  25. Have a signature dish
  26. Learn a new word every day, for a year.
  27. Do some sort of exercise for 20 minutes, every day, for a year.
  28. Put three dollars away every single day for a year. At the end of the year, invest the money.
  29. Go bowling and bowl a strike
  30. Dance in the rain

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